Western Province Terms and Conditions


WARNING: Genuine tickets for matches at Newlands are only available from Western Province Rugby (Pty) Ltd, or its authorised agents.

  • 1. Western Province Rugby (Pty) Ltd (“the Company”), the Western Province Rugby Football Union (“the Union”), or an authorised agent, will not accept liability in the event of tickets being lost, stolen or misplaced and such tickets will not be replaced.
  • 2. Any ticket sold by the Company or an authorised agent must be produced, on demand by an official of the Company or the Union
  • 3. Each Ticket is issued subject to the Constitution of the Union and its Regulations (which can be found at the office of the Union.
  • 4. In the event of matches being cancelled, abandoned or postponed, no refund shall be made. If the match is eventually played, the ticket will be valid for the later date.
  • 5. Entry to the ground will be denied to persons under the influence of alcohol and to persons carrying bottles, cans, firearms, dangerous or prohibited object.
  • 6. The Company / the Union, its officials or agents will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage howsoever caused to the holder of any ticket issued by the company, or its agents.
  • 7. Right of admission is reserved.
  • 8. Any person entering the field of play without permission will be arrested immediately.
  • 9. Subject to the terms and conditions set out herein, no resale of any ticket may be affected for more than its face value.
  • 10. No holder of any ticket shall be entitled to sell, alienate, transfer or in any way dispose of any ticket to any person, firm, association, company, close corporation, travel agency or other entity or association which directly or indirectly conducts the business of providing hospitality or related services, unless such permission has been granted exclusively by the Company or the Union.
  • 11. Any ticket acquired in contravention of these conditions shall be null and void and the Company or the Union shall be entitled to confiscate or invalidate any ticket or tickets which are offered for sale or acquired in contravention of these conditions.
  • 12. Any holder of a ticket acquired in contravention of these conditions may be refused admittance to the ground.